Windows-port of Balloon Chase 0.9.6 released at last!

Balloonchase-0.9.6 in a tar.gzip packet, 596k
Balloonchase-0.9.6 in a tar.bz2 packet, 511k

New windows binaries available!
Balloonchase-0.9.6 in a zip packet (for Windows), 715k

Balloon Chase is a game where you fly a hot air balloon and try to blow the other player out of the screen.
If you want to play it alone it's possible 'cos I made a stupid AI for the game =)

Change log:

Not in development anymore!

- Added a stupid AI
- Cleaned code a lot
- Fixed the evil blow-speed overflow on Windows
- Created a new background image for the menu
- Some more nice decorations
- Wave effect (the bot won't survive this I think :)

- You can now change the number of rounds by pressing F3 or F4 (and the game saves your changes automatically) 
- Fixed the evil "escape loop"-bug
- Cleaned code.
- Again some minor bug fixes

- SUperKReetAMi no longer exists. Logo changed to Blobtrox's.
- Added a new font.
- Some minor fixes.

- The fullscreen switch works now.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

- This game was released.

I don't think everybody understand to read the README-file although it is VERY helpful if it's made well.
I'll put here some information about the game.

- It's released under GNU GPL2

Author: MakeGho (Blobtrox)
Email Blobtrox

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